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Last update: Apr 21 2015 17:37:46

    DivinityMU Teba

Mu Online Romania Official Server , DivinityMU Teba MuOnline Season 8 High EXP News

Last update: Apr 21 2015 17:05:11    

[UPDATE] Version 8.20.00 - Unique server concept (Never seen before)


[Remove] All Level Item Require!
[Added] Castle Siege - Reset Acumulated time after killing guild master!
[Fixed] Fenrir Raise Damage
[Added] All Pets
[Fixed] Adniel NPC issue while combining items
[Fixed] Cash Shop inventory full issue causing purchased item to disappear
[Fixed] Wings 2.5 options not working
[Added] Extended Skill Tree for Rage Fighter
[Fixed] Monster distance setting
[Added] Reset Fruits
[Fixed] Blade Knight Combo issues
[Fixed] Castle Siege Earthquake skill damage bypassing gates
[Fixed] Disconnections while wearing certain ancient items
[Added] Fully working friends system!
[Fixed] Invasion Monsters sometimes appearing in Safe Zone locations
[Fixed] Range of elemental damage
[Fixed] HP/Mana not updating after adding VIT/ENE points via command
[Fixed] Negative HP/Mana and other related issues
[Fixed] 65k Damage visual issues
[Added] Lucky Items
[Fixed] Added Wings 2.5 on Chaos Machine combination
[Improved] Anti-Hack protection
[Added] New Protocol Encryption Unique for every player
[Fixed] Some language string
[Added] New Skill formulas
[Fixed] Swell Life not working issue
[Fixed] Cash Shop items, does not display on mouse over
[Fixed] Some item not display on mouse over
[Fixed] Elemental Item drop with invalid element
[Added] Oblivion Scrolls
[Fixed] Dragon Roar Skill issues
[Fixed] Dark Side skill issues
[Fixed] DC issue on CS Server
[Fixed] Invalid packet issue causing DC
[Fixed] Inability to store Lucky items in warehouse
[Fixed] Elemental damage does not cause any damage on target in certain scenarios
[Fixed] Master Skill Tree "21" points issue
[Fixed] Last Man Standing Event
[Added] Ability to create/keep party on Battle Maps
[Added] XP Support for Teba.dll (requires XP SP3 with MS Redistributable Package 2013 x86)
[Fixed] DoppelGanger Event, fully working
[Added] Monster Kill Count system (BOSS)
[Fixed] Warehouse Expansion item disappear on move to Siege Server
[Fixed] Lighting Shock skill issue
[Fixed] SeniorMix
[Fixed] Fixed Elemental Damage does not cause impact on HP decrease during PVP
[Fixed] Imperial Event, now fully work
[Added] Full X Shop.
[Fixed] Socket Bonus Option (Now work fully)
[Fixed] SD Damage Display
[Fixed] Issues with low items equip
[Fixed] Green Points display on Map (Tab)
[Fixed] Items price issues 0
[Added] All Drops remaked
[Fixed] Characters PvP balance. (Tested more them 1 month)
[Fixed] Client Virus detected
[Fixed] Some socket name
[Added] Spots in low level maps and re-config
[Added] 5 Slots Pentagrams.
[Added] New Errtels
[Fixed] Party PK cannot move
[Fixed] Rage Fighter class damage with single and two weapons
[Fixed] Lighting Shock Skill missing part of targets
[Fixed] Blood Castle gates not opening occasionally
[Fixed] Blood Castle Archangel weapon not dropping occasionally
[Added] Restriction time to finish Blood Castle Quest
[Fixed] absorption option not working for Cape of Lord

[Added] And much , much more. Client Available soon!

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