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    Frequent Ask Questions

Why is my zen negative and how can i fix it?

Because you extended the maximum limit for zen witch is 2 bill (
Simply trade someone and ask them to give you 1 zen and it will be fixed.

Why are my stats lower than before?

You have overadded your stats, our max stat is .

Why did my HP/Mana become so low? I had over 60k before!

A for HP: It's a visual bug you acctualy got 64k HP + the amount of HP you see on the bar, you can also party someone and press P to see your real HP.
A for Mana: Unequip all your items with +mana and try again, also do not have mana pots in your inventory, if it still dont work then contact an Admin or Head GM and request them to lower your energy to 32000.

I lost my souls at the Lahap NPC, why?

We can't help you, but when you MIX or DISSOLVE jewels please do not press the OK button on the success message before you hear the jewel sound (DING!) or else there is a 99% chance you will lose them!
We also recommend you to use [ /request off ] when mixing items.

My item suddenly got duped, what shall I do?

Make a post on our forums as fast as possible on the help section and provide us with a ScreenShot of the items that are duped (dont forget to point the cursor on them!).

Someone tells me they are Admin, GM or are in the GMs/Admins family. What shall I do?

Take a ScreenShot of the chat and post it on the report section on our forums! Please note that all Admins and GMs are in the ADMIN guild!

Is KS/KillSteal allowed?

Yes it is allowed, if someone tell you that you will be banned for KSing them then just ignore them.

My screen is green or blue and it laggs alot when I play, how can I fix this?

Download DirectX9 from Microsoft's website and also update your graphic card driver.

How can I update my graphic card driver?

If you got DirectX9 then just press START, then RUN and write Dxdiag, if you still need help then please visit our forums.

I lagg alot when someone use skills around me, is there a way to fix this?

Yes just download our Anti-Lagg patch from our forums skin section, that patch will remove most of the laggy effects ingame.

I get an error when I try login my character, why?

A for 3Dmain: Your character is either stuck, try login on a different character and warp to devias then change back to the character that is stuck, if it doesn't work then ask an Admin to warp your character out.

Someone claims that they are Admin or GM and ask me to tell him/her my account and password, what shall i do?

DO NOT TELL THEM IT! instead take a ScreenShot of the chat and report it on our forum, Admins or GMs will never ask for your password exept on the forums if we cant warp your character automaticly out.

I do not remember my password... how can I get it back?

Go to our forums and send a Private Message to one of our GMs and tell them your account name, the email you used to register the account with and your secret question and answer.

I see many people sell Full option sets, are they safe to buy?

They might be duped so if you get problems with them we will not be able to help you exept from removing the items, if you want to buy Full option items Safely then you have to donate to us by using our donation shop. We accept PayPal

Someone have scammed me! what can I do to get the items back?

Take ScreenShots of the trade BEFORE you accept them and also take screenshots of the chat and if you get scammed then report it on our forums and show us the screenshots and we MIGHT be able to get back your items.

I see someone attack or use skills in towns, is it allowed?

No it is not allowed, if you see someone do that then take ScreenShots of them when they use the skills and point the cursor on them so the name shows up and report them on our forums, using skills and spells in towns are not allowed and will make your character or account get permanent banned.

I see someone that got a blue glow on their character, are they admins or GMs?

No they are just using Ancient sets.

Where can I get Ancient items and how often can I get them

You can get Ancients by killing Lord Kundun, he spawns every 2 hours after server reboots (he spawn more often when we do kundun events).

My stats are max but some monsters still kills me easly, why?

Those are strong monsters used to train Guilds or just have fun killing with a party.

My internet connection is 54kbs (Dial-Up) can i still play this game.

Yes you can still play this game but we recommend that if you dont have a client yet then download out minimum size client :)

Someone tells me to press VS before our trade, is this safe?

No its not safe at all its a method used to scam, take a ScreenShow of the part of the chat where they say "press VS" and report them on our forums!

Someone tells me to buy their items in store for 99mill to check if they got max zen shall I do it even they put a soul there for 99mill?

No just take a ScreenShot of the chat and the name of their store and report them, they do not have max zen and they will steal your items from your store!

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