Greetings MU-tizens,

Server is on maintenance period!

We work to solve some critical bugs and change some functions!
This maintenance can take more then 24 hours so please be patient !
We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

Thank You,
DivinityMU Staff (

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Progress :

Update 22.10.2014 - NEWS

Server will be online soon.

We are very sorry for opening delay, some unpredictable software + hardware problems, hampered the process of opening.


Update 12.10.2014 - NEWS

As I read on the forum, many of you are anxious to read some official news.
So: Update is now 100% done and tested(changelog will be updated too). We can say that we have a server without bugs (bugless). Unfortunately we can not open server today because we have to change some server hardware to avoid a new maintenance over 2-3 days.The server will be online at 17 / Oct. / 2014 - 18:00 (Server Time).

Until then, we invite you to participate in forum events during maintenance,and why not,send us new ideas!

Trust me, you will never regret this maintenance!

Client cleared (GMO like) - will be available for download - (not mandatory) -- VIEW

Partial list of Bugs fix:

[Remove] All Level Item Require!
[Added] Castle Siege - Reset Acumulated time after killing guild master!
[Fixed] Fenrir Raise Damage
[Added] All Pets
[Fixed] Adniel NPC issue while combining items
[Fixed] Cash Shop inventory full issue causing purchased item to disappear
[Fixed] Wings 2.5 options not working
[Added] Extended Skill Tree for Rage Fighter
[Fixed] Monster distance setting
[Added] Reset Fruits
[Fixed] Blade Knight Combo issues
[Fixed] Castle Siege Earthquake skill damage bypassing gates
[Fixed] Disconnections while wearing certain ancient items
[Added] Fully working friends system!
[Fixed] Invasion Monsters sometimes appearing in Safe Zone locations
[Fixed] Range of elemental damage
[Fixed] HP/Mana not updating after adding VIT/ENE points via command
[Fixed] Negative HP/Mana and other related issues
[Fixed] 65k Damage visual issues
[Added] Lucky Items
[Fixed] Added Wings 2.5 on Chaos Machine combination
[Improved] Anti-Hack protection
[Added] New Protocol Encryption Unique for every player
[Fixed] Some language string.
[Added] New Skill formulas
[Fixed] Swell Life not working issue
[Fixed] Cash Shop items, does not display on mouse over
[Fixed] Some item not display on mouse over
[Fixed] Elemental Item drop with invalid element
[Added] Oblivion Scrolls
[Fixed] Dragon Roar Skill issues
[Fixed] Dark Side skill issues
[Fixed] DC issue on CS Server
[Fixed] Invalid packet issue causing DC
[Fixed] Inability to store Lucky items in warehouse
[Fixed] Elemental damage does not cause any damage on target in certain scenarios
[Fixed] Master Skill Tree "21" points issue
[Fixed] Last Man Standing Event
[Added] Ability to create/keep party on Battle Maps
[Added] XP Support for Teba.dll (requires XP SP3 with MS Redistributable Package 2013 x86)
[Fixed] DoppelGanger Event, fully working
[Added] Monster Kill Count system (BOSS)
[Fixed] Warehouse Expansion item disappear on move to Siege Server
[Fixed] Lighting Shock skill issue
[Fixed] SeniorMix.
[Fixed] Fixed Elemental Damage does not cause impact on HP decrease during PVP
[Fixed] Imperial Event, now fully work.
[Added] Full X Shop.
[Fixed] Socket Bonus Option (Now work fully)
[Fixed] SD Damage Display
[Fixed] Issues with low items equip.
[Fixed] Green Points display on Map (Tab)
[Fixed] Items price issues 0.
[Added] All Drops remaked.
[Fixed] Characters PvP balance. (Tested more them 1 month)
[Fixed] Client Virus detected.
[Fixed] Some socket name
[Added] Spots in low level maps and re-config.
[Added] 5 Slots Pentagrams.
[Added] New Errtels
[Fixed] Party PK cannot move.