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    DivinityMU Teba

Mu Online Romania Official Server , DivinityMU Teba MuOnline Season 8 High EXP News

Last update: Oct 02 2014 01:11:40    

[Maintenance] 28 AUG @ 02:00
Hello MU-tizens,

Server will be on maintenance period - 28 AUG @ 02:00.
We need to apply latest update, bugfix and other new configs.


28 Aug 02:00 ~ 28 Aug 02:15 (Server Time)

We are sorry for any inconvenience!

[EVENT] Sunday Festival! HOT!
Hello MU-tizens,

Today was a great day,so,a great event will follow in a few moments.

The event of the end of the week will bring very many surprises and bonuses,like:

1) 50% Bonus Experience;
2) 30% Drop Bonus;
3) 50% Zen Drop Bonus;
4) Elf Warrior will help you at any level; (added in arena too)
5) Hunt monsters in Aida and you have chance to collect Gold Coins Item. (Drop chance will be increased as the time passes ~ Maximum 20%)


10 Aug 17:00 ~ 10 Aug 24:00 (Server Time)

Don't you dare to lose this event! Have fun!

Server Grand Opening! HOT!
Hello MU-tizens,

The long awaited moment has arrived!

The server will be online in a few moments!

What should you do for connecting:

1) Create a new account;
2) Download the client;
3) Install the client ( if you have installing problems click here);
4) Run the client from desktop shortcut (TebaMu Season 8);

Good Luck, Warriors!

Registration is now Opened! HOT!
Hello MU-tizens,

Registration is now open for all and for FREE!

You can make very easy account by pressing Register,then,enter you Account Name, Password , E-Mail and NickName (NickName is a mask of your account,this will be public).

Wait with patience,the game will begin in 24 Hours!

Prepare for fight, WARRIORS!

DivinityMU Teba FRESH START! (After 6 years) HOT!
Greetings MU-tizens,

We have some news, that may cause different opinions/feelings, news that may disappoint a part of you,but we hope that all of you who will read this article to be realists :

As you already noticed in the last 3 months or even early, DivinityMu Teba has become more than boring, the server was in a constant waiting, the server became the perfect image of an old man who awaits it's death.Lately we tried different resuscitation maneuvers, but with no use , the server did not had the power to return to it's normal state as usual as it did so many times in it's 6 years of existance.
Each player had moments which will never be forgotten and we are sure that for each of you here was your first love ( your first Mu Online server ) , so we will NOT let the past to remain just a memory.Every beautiful moments,the sleepless nights alongside friends, the tension,the despair,the joy or the sadness bringed by important battles and all the feelings lived,from today will return to life.

We are proud that together we succeed to bring the server to a high level ! Today, the bugs are in the past and the old settings will be changed fully with the new beginning.


- All the Skill tree will be remaked.( There will be no more Master Reset and for any skill will require just 1 point )
- The maximum level for Master will be 300. ( 300 Master level + 400 normal level )
- All the spots from all the maps will be remaked.
- We will remove the Non-PVP server ( Ice World ) because we will introduce Arena-PVP and Arena-NonPvp and the same model for the beginning maps (Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland),so the new players can play without having problems.
- We will remove the Socket Items + Excellent options model.
- We will add a limit to Grand Resets made on week or month.
- For a Grand Reset will be required 80 normal resets.
- The PvP is balanced ( We don't wanna hear that "i was beaten by a Mg,by a Sm,or by x" - so in conclusion the pvp sucks. All the rases will have equal chances.
- We will add a exchange coin ( Gold coin which can be traded)
- We will implement a referral system.
- And many more still to come.

Do not be afraid if you are limited to make Grand Resets, the Gold Coins will be added to the normal events and events organized by the Staff or battles.
We do not want to be again in this situation and we have to remind all the players that Teba is not a server for fun, it's just high Xp!

We will promise that the new start will be perfect from all points of view and no one will regret!

The New Start : 08.08 @ 08:00 PM (Server Time)

We thank you for understanding and we are sorry for any inconvenience that we caused!

Best Regards, The Divinity MU Staff

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